The company provides all types of dry and liquid cargo forwarding as well as oil tankers services, achieving the most efficient solution for our clients, our challenge is to give and maintain high quality service, give full commitment and focus on all clients and to develop operational procedure guidelines for the agency business, our aim is to minimize disbursement accounts to minimum.

Germa shipping wishes to prove its difference to our customers that we are their "Solution Partner" for the services and performances showed by the experienced staff, the company enjoys a good reputation and harmonious working relations with port authorities, shipping departments and other government authorities, and thus well established to assist you and your ship in solving administrative and marine related problems.

It is our priority to give our customer the satisfaction they expect by providing them with flexibility, quality services and efficient solutions for each stage of import and export.

The company can provide - alongside providing agency and forwarding services - other relevant services to clients and customers and open to negotiate terms of such services.

We depend on a professional team experienced to perform under tough operational conditions; the experience level of whom goes back for as far as 40 years in the field.